Rest In Knowing This.

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Every time I read this it brings me peace and comfort. Sometime we may not know exactly where we are going, we may feel a bit lost or uncertain, it is then more than ever that we must trust in our journey. Rest in knowing that this moment will not last and that we are exactly where we need to be in this moment. 🙏

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A Yoga Teacher That Doesn’t Namaste!

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It would seem you can’t hear the word yoga without hearing the word Namaste. However, I never finish the class with Namaste. Instead, I may offer a word of encouragement or thank my students for showing up to practice with me. No one has ever asked me why but I am sure they have been curious seeing how it is the standard way to end a yoga class for most.

What does Namaste mean? One of the most common definitions for Namaste is “the light in me honors the light in you.” Which is lovely, but honestly, the word has never resonated with me from the beginning of my yoga journey. The first couple of classes I made an effort to add the word at the end of class because it is just a word. But it felt fake to me so I stopped using it in class and haven’t since. I have no problems with my students using it or other teachers using the word if it resonates with them. I simply choose not too. I’m not going to do something simply because it’s the expected norm. I’ve always done things my own way and maybe it’s my way of being a bit of a yogi rebel. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that I’m going to try my best to live as authentically as I can and be true to myself and to my students on and off the mat.

The moral of the story isn’t so much about the use of the word Namaste but rather it’s about finding your own path, doing your own thing and creating your own way. Staying true to yourself regardless of what others around you are doing, whether it’s a word, a pose or a common belief or philosophy. Be BRAVELY YOU, without hesitation or regret!

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Reflections and Lessons: Choose Love

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choose love

As I turn another year older I reflect on lessons that I’ve learned and wanted to share.

1) You don’t have to have life figured out at any particular age. The life where we know exactly what we want to do and be, the one were perfectly settled in and we know it all, doesn’t exist. No one has it figured out. We’re all doing the best we can whether were 15 or 90, and that’s plenty good enough.

2) It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. You’re the one that lives with your decisions, good or bad, and they are yours alone. The people who love you will be there for you, regardless. And that’s the people you want in your life. No approval needed.

3) There is enough in the world for everyone. Getting caught up in jealousy or competition no matter the reason is a waste of time and precious energy. When something great happens for someone be genuinely happy for them. By sharing in their joy and happiness you truly get happier. The more love, gratitude, kindness and happiness you show others the more it will be returned, abundantly. Always choose love!

4) It is okay to feel any emotion, any time. Give yourself permission to feel. It doesn’t make you stronger to hold it all in or weaker to let it all go.

5) Love One Another. Relationships are truly the only thing that matter in life. Treasure those you love, spend time with them, make memories with them, laugh uncontrollably with them, cry with them, share stories with them and hug them every time like you may never see them again. Memories will be all you have one day.

6) Letting go of things or people doesn’t mean you love them less. It just means you’re moving on. No more. No less. Appreciate the time or learn from the experience. Grow.

7) Regrets are a waste of time. If you didn’t try you would have never known. You did the best you could at the time and that’s good enough. Let it go.

8) It is okay to ask for help and support. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means we are all human and that’s why God didn’t just make one person. He knew we would need one another. You don’t have to do it alone. There are people you can depend on and people that love you. Set your ego aside and simply ask.

9) Control is an illusion. Trying to force relationships, people or things to keep them in your life becomes messy and exhausting. Let go of what you need to, whether that’s relationships, a bad attitude or things you’ve shoved in the closet. Creating space and getting rid of the negative, opens space for the positive. The right people and things that will nourish and fulfill you will start gravitating to you when you release control. See no. 6.

10) No expectations for yourself or others. Nobody’s perfect. We have to believe in ourselves and in others that we are all trying to do our best. Cut each other some slack. Life happens, the good the bad, and everything in between. The less you resist and the more you try to ebb and flow with life instead of fighting it or getting angry with it, the happier you will be. Practice.

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How do we go to our happy place when the odds seem stacked against us?

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I struggled with this today.The odds were definitely not in my favor and I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I had an appointment with someone and
an hour later they still hadn’t showed up. Frustrated? Absolutely, I had taken time from my schedule to make this happen and I don’t have a lot of time these days so it’s precious to me. It takes a lot for my blood to boil but when it does my behavior isn’t pretty. The last time I remember getting this upset was about 4 years ago, if that tells you anything.

As I was beginning to evaluate my behavior and my body’s reaction to this situation, I couldn’t help but want to do better, to be better. I want to be able to not let outside circumstances or people control me or affect me in such a negative way. But how? I’m struggling even as I write this because thankfully I rarely get to that point where I am that upset but when I do, how do I bring myself back to a place of peace? Because let’s be honest what lesson can you learn from your blood pressure sky rocketing and being mean to someone? What good does it do? The moment simply is worth more than that. YOU’RE worth more than that.

But how do we take ourselves from that moment of destruction to a moment of peace? Is it possible? Well yes, I would say most of the time it’s completely possible but I’m also coming to an understanding that there are going to be those few times that for whatever reason we’re just going to be angry and that’s okay. Anger is an emotion too and it’s part of who we are at times. But there will also be times that you can rise above. By being aware of our emotions; we gain power over our emotions.

Here are a few tips that you can try next time your peace seems to be fading quickly.

1) BREATHE. Simply watching our breath rise and fall is a great way to regain your center and calm your nerves. This allows you to search within instead of seeking comfort outside of yourself.

2) SPEAK UP! Be honest and upfront. If something someone says or does bothers you let them know. They may not have any idea or even be aware that you are upset. So clear the air.

3) LAUGH. This is a big one for me and has saved me more than once. If I can find humor in the situation I’m usually not going to get very upset because I’m laughing and releasing all those good endorphins. So laugh hard and laugh often. It’s good for you regardless!

4) SPACE. Sometimes I may just need 10 minutes to myself just to clear my thoughts and get back on track. If you need it, take it. Better to take a time out than to lose your temper.

5) LEAVE. If you’re not getting anywhere and you’re getting more upset by the second, simply leave, try another day, do something different. Tell the person you have to reschedule, anything, just remove yourself from the situation until you can gain some clarity.

Lastly, REMEMBER THIS! We are only human we have emotions and for us to live life and expect happiness, rainbows and butterflies all the time is absurd. We can be enlightened and still get angry, it’s okay. So go easy on yourself and try these tips above when possible.

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Wrist Pain in Yoga?

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 Do you experience wrist pain in yoga? It’s common especially as a beginner when you’re learning new poses such as the downward facing dog and the chaturanga to feel wrist pain as your muscles are learning something new. My students’ frequently ask me what they can do to prevent and relieve this pain.  The photo I’ve included is a great illustration and example of where to start.

Tip #1: Spread your fingers wide like a starfish and press down evenly through the whole hand (knuckles, fingers, etc.) instead of just the end of your palm. This will help distribute the weight more evenly.

Tip #2:  When in a resting pose rotate your wrists and give them a little massage in between yoga poses.

Tip #3:  Another option, you may want to try is to practice the dolphin pose. The dolphin pose is essentially the same set up as the downward facing dog except you are on your forearms pressing the weight through the elbows, wrists and hands. This is a good option to try to give your wrists a break. You can also swap the plank for a forearm plank.

No two poses are the same and no two bodies are the same. So once you learn the basics and set up the foundation of each pose you can make it your own and make it work for your body.  Be consistent, keep practicing and you will get there. One yoga pose at a time.

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