Friday Goodness

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“People are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Love this quote! We tend to forget that with a few exceptions, most people truly are doing the best they can with what they have, what they’ve been given and what they’ve learned. We are all in this together so before we think harsh thoughts or judge ourselves or others remember that 🙂

Love and be loved. That’s this edition of Friday Goodness ❤️ pass it on 😃


Missing You, Heart & Soul

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“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” Rose Kennedy

I don’t often get too personal but life tends to make it personal from time to time. 🙂 The older I get the harder holidays seem to be when you have lost people so dear to you. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I am such a blessed gal. I have so many amazing people in my life that I can’t even count them on two hands! The thing is some people come and pass through our lives that will never be forgotten. I like to think of them as soul mates not in the romantic sense but in the sense that they touch our heart and soul in such a beautiful way that only they can. For me one of those people was my grandmother or mamaw as I loved to call her. Easter was one of her favorite holidays. She always made this amazing bunny cake and she knew I hated coconut so she would always leave a part of it plain just for me. She was one amazing woman and I feel so blessed to have had the time that I had with her. I wrote this in remembrance of her today and I wanted to share because I know I’m not the only one missing someone today.

“I miss you. I keep waiting to feel some normalcy when a holiday arrives yet I’m looking for you. It’s been two years, technically seven but it could have been yesterday as far as I’m concerned. You learn to deal with the loss but that’s about it. I wonder if I’m normal. Is it normal to miss someone this much. I don’t know. You were home for so many years and I worry that home doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t dwell on it every day, I’m not sure I could but when I do it hits me like a ton of bricks. You’re gone. You’re not coming back. I can’t hear your voice or see your smile. I can’t feel you hug me tight. There’s nothing, nothing at all that I like about that.”

Let this be a reminder to hug those nearest and dearest a little tighter. To know that it’s always okay to remember and miss someone you love. To not take any time we get to share with our loved ones for granted. To live each day with no regrets. Love and Be Loved.

About Me and My Blog

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Recently updated my about me page on my blog and wanted to share. Thank you to everyone who has followed me 🙂

Yoga, motivation and inspiration is what I hope to share with you in my posts weekly and sometimes daily. As a full-time assistant and a part-time yoga instructor, I manage to keep myself busy and it seems I’m always juggling a new hobby or adventure. Lately, I’ve been posting daily and I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas. You can expect 2-3 posts a week from me but possibly more.

I hope to inspire, interact and connect with like minded people through my blog. My inspiration comes from reading, life experiences and my random thoughts. Posts consist of yoga, short youtube yoga tutorials, my life stories and lessons and much more. I want share goodness, light and love and put positive energy into the world while still keeping in my mind both the joys and struggles that life brings. And yes, I realize that makes me sound like a bit of a hippie but I am that too, I suppose. 🙂

More randomness about me……I’m not a vegan but I try to eat healthy. With one of my favorite foods being pizza and my love for trying new wines it sometimes proves to be challenging. When I’m not on a yoga mat, you can find me on the lake paddle boarding or maybe out hiking the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee. Tennessee would be perfect, if only we had an ocean!

I read a quote the other day and it is my current motivation and hope. “Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart. One who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.” So I hope that’s what I can do for everyone I interact with in life. It’s a good goal and nice start.

If you have questions or thoughts, if you’re curious about yoga and want to know something specific, please reach out or email me at

Love and Be Loved.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy. Theodore Roosevelt

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Admire, don’t compare. I still have to physically STOP and remind myself to do this at times. Why is it that we compare what we have, what we do and who we are with everyone else? If you think about it, from an early age, we’ve been competing with one another in school, sports, relationships and careers. You name it; we’ve probably competed for it. There will always be competition and comparison, but if we approach our fears from a place of love, we can use them to create growth in our life. Comparison becomes fear when we feel we don’t measure up. It can make us believe that we don’t have enough, that we are not good enough and leave us with an overall sense of lacking. If we continue to dwell on these thoughts they can cause negativity, anxiety, depression, and keep us stuck while we compare and judge ourselves with others. The key to admiring instead of comparing is to examine our hearts and attitudes.

Simply acknowledging and being aware of our thoughts helps us to stay on track. Teach yourself to continually be aware and come from a place of abundance. I know this isn’t always easy to do but trust me, if you feel full, you will create the life to maintain that fullness. If you constantly feel like your lacking, you will be. So muster up everything you have to think and feel abundant. If necessary, start a gratitude journal to create a mindset of abundance.

When you see someone rocking there place in life, whether it’s something you want to have, do, be or create. You do not have to compare, compete, undermine or judge anyone including yourself; instead choose to see the opportunity for growth and expansion in your own life. You are enough. Never minimize who you are or the talents that God has given you. There is only one you and no one or nothing can change that. You have within you the power to make your life better, to improve, and to become the person you want to be when you make the effort to choose love over fear.

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Present Moment Contentment

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What does happiness look like to you? I think for a long period of my life I thought every day was supposed to be happy and if it wasn’t, I was doing something wrong. I figured if I’m not happy I must be on the wrong path; I must have taken a wrong turn. It’s still a struggle for me to simply be and live in the present moment especially when those moments are uncomfortable, messy or sad. But part of living is experiencing the good, the bad and everything in between. When we think of the present moment we assume that it means to be happy with our current set of circumstances. However, I have found being truly present consists equally of happiness, sadness, sickness, health, loss and abundance to name a few.

A quote comes to my mind and it’s everywhere it seems, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” It’s beautiful and I understand the meaning behind it but I also truly believe that sometimes in the storm we don’t have to learn to dance in the rain. Sometimes we need to be still and maybe even cry with the rain. In other words, it’s not about being happy every single moment. That would be a lovely state but it’s not reality. So many times we try to force happiness because we feel guilty for feeling anything else. We put on a show for our friends and family and get frustrated with ourselves when we can’t force a happy smile or a genuine laugh. So what I want to stress in this writing more than anything is that, it’s okay. You’re okay and it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to have many different feelings and still learn to be present and aware.

The challenge becomes to be content in the present moment. Being content means we are simply aware. We are aware of our sadness, our happiness, our hurts, our goals, our failures, our successes. Contentment soothes anxiety and brings peace. Contentment allows you to breathe and gives you space to be you. When we are content we know the moment is fleeting, we know it will not last forever which allows us to cry when were sad, to laugh loudly when were truly happy, to relish genuine heart felt love.

You see, being present in the moment doesn’t mean it’s a perfect moment. It simply means it’s your moment and we’re all striving and doing the best that we can and that is enough. It’s learning to be authentic not only with others but with ourselves. Begin cultivating contentment by simply being aware and learning to feel whatever emotion comes up. Be true to yourself above all others. By accepting our journey, our pace and our truth; we begin to live each day present, content and aware.

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Dwell on Gratitude Today!

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Think of one thing your grateful for right now. Something or someone that puts a huge smile on your face 😊 Dwell on that feeling of gratitude today and watch good things, abundance and happiness begin to flow to you and thru you! A genuine smile is contagious! Be the reason someone smiles today. ❤️✌️

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