10 Essential Yoga Poses For Your Next Hike

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What will you find in this post? 9 essential tips for hiking Mt. LeConte, or any long distance hike and 10 essential yoga poses for stretching and recovery after your hike.

Shout out to all my brave peeps who rocked Mt. LeConte with me on Saturday in 29 degrees and snow! Derrick, Katy, Jose, Daniel, Brooke, Kristy and Amanda! I couldn’t have made it without their encouragement, support and sense of humor 🙂 Kudos to the best hiking group ever!


9 Essential Tips to Hike Mt. LeConte:

1) Prepare with shorter hikes and a backpack. Condition your body with shorter distances and extra weight.

2) Eat a good breakfast. Eat healthy carbs, proteins and fats. You will need the energy.

3) Walking sticks will be your best friend! Don’t leave home without them.

4) Invest in a good pair of hiking shoes and socks. Good support and dry feet are a must.

5) Water & Snacks. Take plenty of water, healthy snacks and a protein packed lunch to keep your energy up.

6) Toilet paper/baby wipes. For rest stops along the way.  Stay hydrated even if that means peeing in the woods!

7) Appropriate clothing. Check the forecast. Do you need to layer, do you need gloves, rain gear?

8) Camera. Views are amazing! Once you climb Mt. LeConte you’ll want a picture in front of the lodge!

9) Cash for a t-shirt. A rite of passage. They should give these away but they don’t  🙂 so take cash.


10 Essential Yoga Poses for Hiking Recovery:


STANDING STRADDLE SPLITS  (Stretches: Hip Adductors, Hamstrings, Lower Back & Ankles)

Pose Instructions: Stepping the feet wide and hinging from the hips, folding forward. Keep shoulders active and rolling down the back away from ears. Abs engaged. Relax head, neck and jaw. Tighten quads. Keep feet flat.


STANDING BACKBEND  (Stretches: Chest, Shoulders, Hip Flexors and Abs)

Pose Instructions: Root down through your feet, slight bend in the knees. Place fists near the small of the back. Lift out of your lower back. Push hips forward and lift your chest, dropping the shoulders back and down.


STANDING CHEST EXPANSION WITH FORWARD FOLD  (Stretches: Hamstrings, Chest & Shoulders)

Pose Instructions: Feet hip width apart, bend the knees as much as needed and fold forward from the hips. Engage abs and clasp hands, draw the shoulders back and down.


DANCER  (Stretches: Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Quads & Shoulders)

Pose Instructions: Come into this pose like you would a quad stretch then slowly start to hinge forward and extend the leg back and reach the opposite hand forward. Try to keep the hips squared.


TRIANGLE  (Stretches: Hamstrings, Hip Adductors)

Pose Instructions: Front leg is straight, relax shoulders back and down. Open up the chest. Line the rib cage over the pelvis. Engage your abs and support this pose from your core. Lengthen out through your side and waist.


PYRAMID (Stretches: Glutes, Hamstrings)

Pose Instructions: Square your hips, straighten your legs as much as possible. Both feet will point toward the front of the mat. Relax your head and neck. Hinge from the hips and fold forward.


 HALF BOW (See Bow below)


 BOW (Stretches: Hip Flexors, Abs, Chest & Shoulders)

Pose Instructions: On your stomach, grab one or both ankles depending on flexibility and bring them in towards your glutes. Lift your chest and legs to the sky. Flex your feet.


REVOLVED KNEE TO HEAD (Stretches: Hamstrings, Hip Adductors, Chest, Shoulders & Obliques)

Pose Instructions: Bend one knee in and stretch the other leg out. Hinge forward over the outstretched leg. Keep your abs engaged. Keep your spine lengthening. You can then take your hand and reach it up and over or place it on the back of the head.


SEATED STRADDLE SPLITS (Stretches: Hip Adductors, Hamstrings, Lower Back)

Pose Instructions: From a seated position, spread the legs and hinge forward from the hips. Engage your abs and place the hands or arms on the floor.

These yoga poses for hiking recovery should have you stretched out and recovered in no time. Also, foam rolling is a great way to assist you in relieving sore muscles. Use blocks in any of the poses above if you have trouble reaching the floor. This will help you deepen your pose and keep your spine in alignment.  Let me know which pose is your favorite hip stretch! Questions? Just ask 🙂

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4 thoughts on “10 Essential Yoga Poses For Your Next Hike

    laydii said:
    May 21, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Can I just say first that I wish you were in NY? Lol. I have been inspired by your very post on my feed. 😀 So… ok. I’m going to do it. The hike & the poses you have here. This summer! In July. Starting on my birthday. Lol. But I will be warming up with your instructions (from this and other posts) until then. 😀 You rock! Thank you.

      bepresentyoga responded:
      May 21, 2014 at 1:30 pm

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the posts! That means so much to me 🙂 thank you for commenting and let me know how the hike goes!

    HealthyMasters said:
    May 21, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I have never done a hike, but this makes me want to go hiking!!!

      bepresentyoga responded:
      May 21, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      It was a lot of fun! You definitely should 🙂 great workout too!

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