Mantra for the week. Fill in the blank.

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I Believe that I am worthy of _________.

Do you ever look at your past and think you’ve messed up one too many times? I find it’s easy to be hard on myself. I remember the line in the Pretty Woman movie “the bad stuff is easier to believe.” How true it is when you hear it enough, when you tell yourself the same story whatever it may be it begins to sink in deeper. It becomes more than a passing thought, it becomes your reality or so you believe. What thoughts have been holding you back? What negative truths have you been believing and telling yourself?

Me? I choose love. For so long, I’ve told myself that I’m not worthy. I’ve made poor relationship choices based upon these lies that I’ve told myself. I’ve stayed in unhealthy relationships far too long because I’ve doubted my worth. I’ve put up with things that I probably shouldn’t have because of the lies I told myself and actually believed. So today, I choose to say that I believe I am worthy of love. I am changing the course and the pattern. I’m breaking free from a habit of negative truths that I’ve been hiding behind for so long. It won’t be easy but one day at a time I will begin to believe I am worthy of love, to be loved and to give love.

Fill in the blank above. What are you worthy of? Tell me. I want to know. Put it out there. Change your path. Change your truth.

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