A Yoga Detox for the Mind & Body

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The temperatures are warming and the days are lasting longer, May is upon us and it’s been a long cold winter in East Tennessee. Everyone is ready to shed the winter blues for summer sunshine. My 3 part series is a plan designed to help us do just that. This is not your typical detox or cleanse. My goal is to share small, doable lifestyle changes, ideas and tips in this series. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect in each section.

Part 1: Healthy Eating. This section will provide tips to create a healthier lifestyle and offer some quick, easy recipes.


Part 2: Yoga for Detoxing . Beneficial yoga poses that will help you de-stress and detox your way to a healthier more balanced you.


Part 3: Mindful Meditation. Simple, time friendly meditations you can incorporate into your daily life.

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It all begins with an intention and commitment to be better, to try harder and to do a little more today than we did yesterday. Start now by setting a mindful, healthy intention to commit to 4 weeks to become a healthier version of you. We all have that one area or possibly several in our life that begs to be disciplined.

Let’s Get Started:   

  • Write down your intention. Examples: Lose weight, eat healthier, think more positively, get more sleep, meditate, workout to name a few. What have you been putting off? What do you really want? It’s time to take action towards your goals. It’s time to create the life you desire, a life you love.
  • Review your intention every morning. Examples:Tape it to the ceiling above your bed. Put it on the bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Make it your wallpaper on your phone. See it in writing every day.
  • Do something towards that intention every day. Examples: start a new workout routine, set a bedtime, go for a walk, incorporate more veggies in your diet. Small changes add up to big results.


Pick one area of your life that you really want to focus on for the next four weeks. An area you want to see change in. The three sections that follow will motivate you and give you an added boost in the right direction to a happier, healthier you. Expect a new section every Thursday for the next three weeks. So this week focus on your intention and goal. Begin to think of ways to meet that goal, one step at a time. Every choice you make matters. Every step you take makes a difference. Remember that! Next week, Part 1: Healthy Eating.

Have questions? Just ask. Here’s where you can find me: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Be-PresentYoga/336705043142303 and on twitter:@bepresent100 




2 thoughts on “A Yoga Detox for the Mind & Body

    laydii said:
    May 2, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Love it. I’m gonna try. 🙂 Thanks

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