Hiking & Yoga on House Mountain

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House Mountain, nestled away in Corryton, Tennessee, a hiking trail with amazing views and challenging terrain. Our hiking group tackled this short (4 mile) hike this past weekend.  They indulged me while I took numerous photos of every wild flower along the trail. They also put up with my many attempts to capture the perfect group photo, so this post is dedicated to Amanda, Daniel and Curtis! So proud of Daniel and Amanda they completed a 5k the morning of this hike! Kudos to you both!

This trail proved to be rocky, challenging and refreshing. The hike was fairly short but provided a good workout. We were feeling fairly accomplished on our way down when we saw a man hiking up barefoot going twice as fast uphill as we were downhill. I was impressed!

The trail was plentiful with wildflowers. Top left: Fire Pink, Top Right: Wild Geranium and Woodland Stonecrop on the bottom.

The views from the top are worth the hike! There are gorgeous rock formations throughout the trail and on top of House Mountain. So pack a lunch or a snack and enjoy the scenery.

And lastly, I had to get some yoga in! What did you expect? Here’s me attempting crow pose a few times. This was a beautiful day for a hike. We enjoyed the outdoors, exercise and several good laughs. Good times with good friends! Perfect Day!



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