How do we go to our happy place when the odds seem stacked against us?

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I struggled with this today.The odds were definitely not in my favor and I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I had an appointment with someone and
an hour later they still hadn’t showed up. Frustrated? Absolutely, I had taken time from my schedule to make this happen and I don’t have a lot of time these days so it’s precious to me. It takes a lot for my blood to boil but when it does my behavior isn’t pretty. The last time I remember getting this upset was about 4 years ago, if that tells you anything.

As I was beginning to evaluate my behavior and my body’s reaction to this situation, I couldn’t help but want to do better, to be better. I want to be able to not let outside circumstances or people control me or affect me in such a negative way. But how? I’m struggling even as I write this because thankfully I rarely get to that point where I am that upset but when I do, how do I bring myself back to a place of peace? Because let’s be honest what lesson can you learn from your blood pressure sky rocketing and being mean to someone? What good does it do? The moment simply is worth more than that. YOU’RE worth more than that.

But how do we take ourselves from that moment of destruction to a moment of peace? Is it possible? Well yes, I would say most of the time it’s completely possible but I’m also coming to an understanding that there are going to be those few times that for whatever reason we’re just going to be angry and that’s okay. Anger is an emotion too and it’s part of who we are at times. But there will also be times that you can rise above. By being aware of our emotions; we gain power over our emotions.

Here are a few tips that you can try next time your peace seems to be fading quickly.

1) BREATHE. Simply watching our breath rise and fall is a great way to regain your center and calm your nerves. This allows you to search within instead of seeking comfort outside of yourself.

2) SPEAK UP! Be honest and upfront. If something someone says or does bothers you let them know. They may not have any idea or even be aware that you are upset. So clear the air.

3) LAUGH. This is a big one for me and has saved me more than once. If I can find humor in the situation I’m usually not going to get very upset because I’m laughing and releasing all those good endorphins. So laugh hard and laugh often. It’s good for you regardless!

4) SPACE. Sometimes I may just need 10 minutes to myself just to clear my thoughts and get back on track. If you need it, take it. Better to take a time out than to lose your temper.

5) LEAVE. If you’re not getting anywhere and you’re getting more upset by the second, simply leave, try another day, do something different. Tell the person you have to reschedule, anything, just remove yourself from the situation until you can gain some clarity.

Lastly, REMEMBER THIS! We are only human we have emotions and for us to live life and expect happiness, rainbows and butterflies all the time is absurd. We can be enlightened and still get angry, it’s okay. So go easy on yourself and try these tips above when possible.

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